Last November, COBUILD participated in the Busan Medical Equipment Show (KIMES BUSAN 2019), which was held for 3 days from November 1st. Just like at the Vietnam Medical Device Show in September 2019, new products for the second half of the year were introduced here in Busan.

Unlike the last Seoul KIMES, overseas buyers visited with interest in many products of Cobuild including new products. It also received favorable reviews for its medical silicone performance. Not only the products that were previously introduced, but also for the positive evaluation of the new product and the high quality of the product, he received a good reputation once again.

We had a meaningful time for 3 days as we introduced new products such as GENTLEFIX FILM, RHENOSCAR SHEET, RHENOSCAR GEL, GENTLEFIX F.C CLIP, etc. to show our technology of COBUILD in Kimes, Busan.

Looking at the wider world in the future, we will make great efforts for more advanced technology.

The employees including Kwon Jun-nyeon, CEO of COBUILD., who participated in the Busan Medical Device Exhibition, pledged to make more medical silicone products with excellent quality by 2020 with more advanced technology.