This year, 2020 Busan KIMES was held, and COBUILD also participated in KIMES. As the 2020 Seoul KIMES was canceled and postponed to 2021 KIMES, Busan KIMES had fewer visitors from companies and hospital officials compared to last year due to the COVID-19, but thankfully, many companies were interested in our COBUILD products. We were able to spend a meaningful time at KIMES in Busan by giving our sincere answers to those interested in them.

These days, secondary skin injuries caused by medical adhesives called MARSI (Medical Adhesive Related Skin Injury) are emerging, and many patients who use them are suffering. All of our products are manufactured based on medical silicone, so there is no secondary skin injury caused by this, and can be safely used by patients with weak skin such as infants and toddlers, the elderly, and people with severe illnesses. This time at Busan KIMES, it was an opportunity to introduce COBUILD’s existing products and new products that can prevent such problems. The company officials who visited KIMES were aware of the problem with MARSI and were more interested in our products.


NATURALFIX® can be used in various ways as a silicone band-aid for fixing to fix dressings and medical devices. Currently, NATURALFIX® is used by several hospitals and is also sold online. It is a product that there were many interested companies in KIMES. The white non-woven silicone band-aid next to it is a product called  NATURALFIX® SI ROLL, which is one of the first new products introduced to KIMES in Busan. NATURALFIX®-SI ROLL, like NATURALFIX®, is also a fix product, and the adhesion of medical silicone has been maximized to further improve skin adhesion.


RHENOSCAR® is a product that improves various scars such as old scars, hypertrophic scars, and keloid scars. Since 30 pieces are contained in a box, they can be replaced frequently for more hygienic scar management. In addition, RHENOSCAR® is a thin film type, it adheres well to curved areas, allowing free movement. RHENOSCAR® GEL is a gel-type product that is applied thinly to scars and is scheduled to be released in the first half of next year. Currently, RHENOSCAR® products are sold on the market under a distributor contract with Aliko Pharmaceutical. When we signed a contract with a pharmaceutical company, we promised the future together with Aliko Pharmaceuticals as the world’s first film-type scar management product.


GENTLEFIX® F.C is a product that fixes urine drainage pipes and catheters with Velcro. The velcro is attached together so that the catheter can be securely fixed. The product displayed on the right in the photo is the  GENTLEFIX® F.C CLIP, which also fixes the urine drainage tube and catheter. However, if there is a difference from the  GENTLEFIX® F.C, the GENTLEFIX® F.C CLIP has the advantage that the patient’s movement is convenient because a clip that can rotate 360 ​​degrees is attached. The product on the left of the photo is a product that fixes the electrode or patch attached to the patient’s body so that it does not fall when examined with GENTLEFIX® S.G.D. GENTLEFIX® S.G.D  is also one of the products to be released.


Next, the COBUILD products GENTLEFIX® I.V and GENTLEFIX® PRIMO to be introduced It is a product that fixes medical devices such as infusion tubes and various types of catheters to the patient’s body. GENTLEFIX® I.V uses Velcro to stably fix the catheter, and GENTLEFIX® PRIMO does not have Velcro, but the center of the film is cut, so it is easy to replace it with a heparin lock. It is made based on medical silicone, so it is safe to the skin even if it is attached for a long time, and is useful for patients with weak immunity such as the elderly, infants and toddlers, and people with severe illness.


GENTLEFIX® ROLL is a medical silicone band-aid for fixing dressings and multiple catheters. The difference from the previously introduced NATURALFIX® is that it is a transparent silicone band-aid, not a non-woven fabric. The last product to be introduced is GENTLEFIX® Ahn. It is a disposable silicone band-aid used to protect the wound area and eyes during examination and surgery. It prevents dry eyes or congestion that may occur due to open eyes during examination and surgery, and prevents damage to the cornea by protecting external contaminants from penetrating into the eyes.

Employees such as CEO Kwon Jun-nyeon and Director Shin Dong-gun were present at KIMES Busan. We, COBUILD, will continue to research and develop products with a plan to expand various product lines and show medical silicone products that can be used in various situations. Next year, we will show more diverse products of COBUILD at KIMES 2021.

During the 3-day BUSAN KIMES exhibition, the biggest concern about COVID-19 was. Contrary to worries, however, under the thorough quarantine system of BEXCO in Busan, COBUILD was also able to safely close the Busan KIMES exhibition while complying with quarantine standards.