Hello! We are COBUILD Inc.

Our products was introduce overseas and participated during FIME exhibition held in Florida.

FIME exhibition schedule

  • Date: 2021.09.01. ~ 2021.09.03.
  • Place: Miami Beach Convention Center

During the 3days exhibit, despite of the Corona virus situation, many overseas buyers were able to visit our booth during exhibition.

Most of the buyers visited our booth showed a positive response and interest to the medical silicone product.

There is also growing interest for patient safety overseas, MARSI(Medical Adhesive Related Skin Injury).

We considers thinking about solving the problem for this reason it seems that shown lots of interest in COBUILD formulation and production which is based medical silicone that is safe for the skin.

During FIME exhibition and meeting many buyers from South America visited our booth, and they were interested in COBUILD products.

Some other buyer interest in IV & Foley catheter and also there was a lot of interested in Roll products for fixing dressings.

FIME exhibition is a meaningful time to introduce COBUILD products abroad.

We are looking forward for next year FIME exhibition hopefully Corona virus situation will be stabilized in order to serve and introduce products to more foreign buyers.