Project Description


Product Information

Non-irritating silicone type hemostasis bandage with high flexibility and strong stretch

Features And Benefits

1) High Elasticity

Bleed injuries or sites of injection can be stemmed quickly by using elastic polyurethane layer and compressed cotton

2) Ideal for Sensitive Skin

Highly recommended to kids and serious patients with sensitive skin with gentle, hypoallergenic silicone adhesive

3) Convenience

No need to put pressure on the sites of injection by hand

Easy to remove release paper

Water-resistant formula can be worn in the shower, bath, or swimming pool


Product code Product name Size PCS/BOX/CT
1002 AHNNA BAND 4cm X 9cm 50/1/24
1003 4.5cm X 11cm 50/1/20
1004 5cm X 13cm 50/1/20