Project Description


Product Information

IV catheter securement device with Velcro tape

Features And Benefits

1) Safety Product

Highly recommended to kids and serious patients with sensitive skin with gentle, hypoallergenic silicone adhesive

Polyurethane layer protects IV sites from contamination

2) Convenience

Adapting adsorption method maximizes adhesion

Advanced water-resistant adhesive adheres to damp or sweaty skin

Designed to maintain securement with Velcro, allowing patient to move without interruption

Leaves minimal residue on skin when removed


Product code Product name Size PCS/BOX/CT
0601 GENTLEFIX® I.V 3.5cm X 4cm 100/1/12
0602 5.7cm X 6.4cm 100/1/12
0603 6.8cm X 7.5cm 100/1/12