Project Description


Product Information

Single-sided medical tape with silicone adhesive to fix the dressing on the wounds

Features And Benefits

1) Ideal For Sensitive Skin

Highly recommended to kids and serious patients with sensitive skin with gentle, hypoallergenic silicone adhesive

2) Convenience

Polyurethane layer protects wounds from contamination

Can be repositioned and neatly torn by hand

A perfect match to the skin color

Easy to remove release paper

Rolled type makes easy to size by wounds

Adhesive layer doesn’t stick to each other allows effortless procedure

3) Holds Firmly in Place

Remains in place until you decide otherwise even on the joints and skinfolds


Product code Product name Size PCS/BOX/CT
0501 NATURALFIX® 2.5cm X 7m 1/1/96
0502 5cm X 7m 1/1/64
0503 10cm X 7m 1/1/32
0504 15cm X 7m 1/1/24