Project Description


Product Information

A white silicone roll nonwoven bandage that can be used for a variety of purposes such as dressing such as bandages, gauze, catheter, and fixing medical devices.

Features And Benefits

1) Safety

Skin-safe medical silicone is used to minimize skin irritation such as skin damage, pain, and itchiness, so it is safe for use by infants and toddlers, the elderly, and people with severe diseases with weak skin.

2) Protection

The polyurethane layer blocks external contaminants such as bacteria and viruses and protects the dressing area.

3) A stable fixation

By applying a technology that maximizes the adhesion of medical silicone, it is possible to securely fix the dressing, and it adheres well to curved body parts such as joints.

4) Convenience

Manufactured in roll form, it can be used as much as necessary.


Product code Product name Size PCS/BOX/CT
width length
1401 / 1402 NATURALFIX® SI ROLL 1.25cm 1.5m / 2.5m 3/1/X
1403 / 1404 1.9cm 1.5m / 2.5m 2/1/X
1405 / 1406 2.5cm 1.5m / 2.5m 2/1/X
1407 / 1408 5cm 1.5m / 2.5m 1/1/X
1409 / 1410 10cm 1.5m / 2.5m 1/1/X
1411 / 1412 15cm 1.5m / 2.5m 1/1/X