Project Description


Product Information

Hygienic disposable medical silicone gel sheet for the treatment of old and new scars such as keloid and hypertrophic scars, or that from surgery and burn, by preventing water loss and not making excessive collagen

Features And Benefits

1) Convenience

Daily disposable sheet, no need to wash and dry

0.1mm ultra thin layer allows to remain on the joints and skinfolds

Water-resistant formula can be worn in the shower, bath, or swimming pool

2) Safety

Silicon adhesive and polyurethane layer protects scars from contamination


Product code Product Size PCS/BOX/CT
0401 RHENOSCAR® 4cm X 9cm 30/1/180
0402 4cm X 12cm 30/1/156
0403 4cm X 17cm 30/1/120
0404 12cm X 18cm 30/1/50